The end of 2016


From Slab City to Yosemite as well as random snaps of M83. A gallery (click here to view full sized images) with no particular theme but showcases pretty much everything I love about California. 

Los Angeles To San Francisco - Thanksgiving Week

Started at Los Angeles, through Sequoia National Park, to San Francisco and then back down to Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast Highway (click here to view complete gallery). Encountered some incredibly breath-taking sights along the way and hopefully I'll come home with photographs as beautiful as these; I'll be in New York City and Colombia over Christmas and New Years.

Started 2016 well and I am determined to end 2016 in the same light; To 2017, and to the future, May the Force be with us.

Turkey - Updated

Now that finals are finally over and of course after a year of procrastination, I've finally started sorting and working on the film taken in Cappadocia and Istanbul. These are mostly taken on my Pentax 6x7 and some on the Leica M7.

Also, I'm about done with the sorting for the rest of the photographs taken in 2016 so that would be coming in the next few days! 

For now, enjoy the updated (better) gallery of photographs taken in Turkey.

Ensenada, Mexico | Slab City, California | Road Trip form CA to NY.

With the Summer session soon ending, I've finally had time to catch a breather (12 Days till Home! Woohoo!) Changed the layout of the site and managed to finally work on some of the photographs I had taken during the first half of the year. Ensenada, Mexico (see pictures) during the Spring break for a short 4 day getaway, a day trip to Slab City, California (see pictures) over the Easter weekend and lastly, the journey from California to New York (see pictures); covering 15 States in total (California, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and of course my beloved New York), 3152Km covered over 30 hours of driving through country roads. The previous half of 2015 has been amazing and I'm hopefully anticipating great things for the next half. 

Ensenada, Mexico

Slab City, California

Drive from CA to NY.

Magical Iceland

It's been a month since we left Iceland and because I've been really busy with school and transfer applications I've only managed to finish up with the photographs from the first 3 days of Iceland. Iceland is without a doubt the most beautiful place on Earth and if I can afford it, I would spend every christmas there. Being one with nature is simply amazing. 

Here is our Icelandic adventure. Enjoy. (see more)

Will work on the rest soon and be sure to check out Stendhal District soon for more pictures!



A quick look into my India folder found me new gems, so here, a few new edits. Enjoy. 

Work Diversity

The Journey



Out To Dry


Pictures from Shanghai and Taiwan will be up soon, and more will be available from London, Birmingham and Oxford. Check back for updates soon! 

Also, Check out Stendhal District for the latest feature!


Recently got back from a 4 day trip to Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. You can view the entire collection here

The following pictures are from this cool ass accessories store in Osaka called Garbage Factory.

They were nice enough to let me take some pictures of their work space, so.. if you happen to be in Osaka do show them some support! 


Thanks for the bangle guys!

First Weekend of 2014

2013 has passed and it has been an adventure. Traveling to Tokyo, Sri Lanka, Scotland, London and Iceland, I've learnt a lot from my travels.

 Tokyo, 2013

Tokyo, 2013

 Sri Lanka, 2013

Sri Lanka, 2013

 Scotland, 2013

Scotland, 2013

 London, 2013

London, 2013

 Iceland, 2013

Iceland, 2013

A new year, 2014, with new experiences and new stages in life, I've already a few destinations planned out, Osaka and Kyoto in Feb, New Delhi in March, China or Australia in April, Taiwan and perhaps Korea in May/June, Eastern Europe in July/Aug and finally starting school in the States in Sept. 

Its going to an exciting new year. Stendhal District is also undergoing some changes so keep a look out for that! In the interim, be sure to check out my recent London and Iceland photographs!